Zen Shiatsu is ...

… a form of physical therapy from Japan, which has its origins in the age old tradition of acupressure. This pressure massage has been continuously developed further by western methods and modern insights. The prefix „Zen “underlines the meditative and holistic character.

Literally Shiatsu means “finger pressure”. In addition the twelve meridians are treated gently with palms and elbows. Thereby the individual is treated in unique and complete way.

Possible effects:

  • Relief with different complaints e.g. Burn Out, sleep disturbances, headache, migraine, back pain, etc.….
  • Release of toxins and muscular tension
  • Support during life crises and change processes
  • Stimulation of the self adjustment of the organism
  • Harmonization of physical and psychic unbalance
  • Encourages body awareness
  • Well-being & energy boost


Note: Shiatsu therapy serves as prevention and health care and is no replacement for the consultation of a doctor.